On Campus School

On Campus School

The Marsh Foundation strongly believes that ensuring that the youth achieve the highest level of education possible increases their chance of being successful in the future. The Marsh School offers its services to those living in group homes, in foster homes and special needs students from the community. The school is a chartered member of the Lincolnview Local school system and is overseen by principal Robbie Breese.

The school is staffed by three-full time academic teachers, all with their master’s degrees, two of which are in special education. There are also music, art and library instructors. The music room houses an antique piano and each student takes weekly piano lessons and participates in school-wide recitals. The art room is an exceptional example of student creativity and imagination. The walls are a painted mural and colorful art projects fill the room with character. Academic teachers are assisted in the classroom by school family teachers who provide behavioral treatment in the classroom setting. They also provide a treatment bridge between the school and group homes, by monitoring and correcting behaviors and assisting with general academic functions.

The Difference
Students at the Marsh School attend for a variety of different reasons; therefore the staff collaborate to meet a diverse range of educational needs. At the same time, students take the same standardized tests and have similar grading policies and the same graduation policies as other Ohio schools. Classrooms are no different than at an average school and contain up-to-date technology and computers to assist students in the learning process. Various class workshops, such as a copper enameling art workshop, are an added bonus for students.


Marsh Foundation Auditorium Renamed in Honor of Past Director, Ron Bagley

VAN WERT, Ohio – A surprise announcement was made at the 2018 Marsh Foundation Christmas party when the Administration Building’s auditorium was renamed Bagley Auditorium. The name change is in honor of past director, Ronald R. Bagley. Bagley was born November 26, 1937. On July 1, 1962 he was employed at The Marsh Foundation at […]