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Main Telephone Number 419-238-1695
After Hours Emergency & Referral Number 419-238-5437
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Fax Numbers
Child & Family Services 419-238-1747
Clinical Services 419-238-1007
Business Office/School 419-238-3986
Child & Family Services Contact Ext.
Child & Family Services Office 340
Executive Director Kim Mullins, LPCC 370
Director, Residential Services Kathleen Davis, LSW 350
Consultant, Group Homes Marcus Boatman 379
Consultant, Group Homes Elizabeth Truxell 346
Privacy Officer LeAnn Patterson 378
Coordinator of Admissions & Training Kelly Gross 360
Marketing/Public Relations Dawn Berryman
Activities Coordinator Sherry Grone 270
Group Home Program Managers
Clymer Hall Christy Thees 413
Outside Line 419-238-6104
Marsh Hall Ben Marsee 423
Outside Line 419-238-6912
Vance Hall MacKenzie Basil 452
Outside Line 419-238-2573
Clinical Services
Supervisor Annette Herrmann, LISW-S 231
Counselor Elspeth Neville, MSW, LSW 374
Community Psychiatric Support Rob Davis 348
Community Psychiatric Support Christina Flinn 347
Foster Care & Adoption Center
Supervisor Melissa Snyder, LSW 307
Consultant Pamela Reagan 301
Consultant Breanna Zipfel, LSW 305
Clinical Provider Beth Dye, LSW 233
Marsh Foundation School
Director of Education, School Principal Robbie Breese 320
Office Secretary Holly Myers 310
Math/Reading Valori Dunn
Reading/Social Studies Suzanne Hall
English/Science Mandy Looser
Vocal & Instrumental Music Tom Mayes
Art Specialist Karla Hoying
Substitute Teacher/Librarian Joy Caldwell
Piano Audrey McClure
Business Office
Executive Secretary/Treasurer Jeff Grothouse 120
Payroll/Benefits Coordinator Karen Smith 110
Business Office Coordinator Sarah Miller 130



Marsh Foundation Creates Bridges Liaison Position to Work with Emancipated Foster Youth

VAN WERT, Ohio – Bridges is a statewide program administered by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services through a contract with The Child and Family Health Collaborative of Ohio.  As a member of this Collaborative, The Marsh Foundation was given the opportunity to help deliver this program to young adults who are transitioning […]